WHITE= Purity, cleansing from sin, renewal, a clean slate, the Holy Presence of God, surrender,

RED= Blood of Jesus, Passion, Fire, Purifying,
overcomer, perseverance, war, Authority,

BLUE= Holy Spirit (breath of God)-decreeing
(River of God)- His flow and of refreshing,
Intercession, contending, unstoppable, release of
the gifts of Holy spirit, renewal,

YELLOW= Glory presence of God, compassion, fire
of God, submission to God, humbleness,

GREEN= Healing, Renewal, hope, Revival, new
growth, strength as a tree, peace as laying in green
pastures, prosperity,

ORANGE= Warfare, courage, endurance, strength,

PURPLE= Royalty, heirs to the throne of God,
ruler, noble one, breakthrough, reining power

BLACK= Passion– the deepest color of blood is
black, death as in sacrificial repentance, hiding

GOLD=Glory presence of God, purification,
freedom, deliverance, Favor of God, righteousness,
Power. Passion for Christ

PINK= Joy, strength, heart of passion, compassion