“I’ve captured a 3-second encounter directly from one of our Prophetic Prayer Fires, 3 represents the HOLY TRINITY! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Gods TYME is not like ours, Approximately 1 second = 4.22 days in Heaven, This experience is 3 seconds on earth hence 12.66 days in Heaven! That’s beyond amazing to me! I was allowed to research it just for YOU! Everything really has a purpose and I’m blessed and great-full that you visited TYME! You’re welcomed here! Jesus thinks you are to die for! Take as much TYME as you need to meditate before your prayer request or message. If you feel led to donate please do, you won’t be denied here if you can’t! Your soul’s salvation matters first and your heart is appreciated the same! Someone will respond to you soon. I Love You and God Bless YOU! “

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