About us

About the Author – Apryl Falcon

God is the Author and Finisher! I’m only the messenger! Rise up, Warriors!
It’s OUR TYME to SHYNE! THE SUN of Man is the SON OF MAN!!!
(1+1=2) We may be outnumbered, yet we will never be outpowered!!! The Spirit of the 2 Witnesses
(2+2=4)(2 olive trees and 2 lamp-stands) (4×3=12)
12 Apostles
12 Tribes
12,000 each Tribe =
144,000 End Tyme Infinite Warriors……….

I am the messenger of God on the mission of delivering God’s messages and assisting you to access the throne of God through my book, “TYME.”

“I dedicate every incriminate of my being to the Lord of Hosts and King of Kings; otherwise, my efforts would be vain.”


Tyme serves as a guide to the Christian community seeking to expand their knowledge about their faith. I aim to help you follow the right path. I believe that mercy implies empathy and compassion – your connection with others. Mercy is understanding others’ behaviors and relating to them. It is the extension of goodwill, forgiveness, compassion, and kindness to those who may not seem deserving.